‘The Great Resignation’ and the worker’s power in the workplace: Expert available to comment

The notion of the “Great Resignation” has been a popular topic in media, and is the idea that workers are increasingly resigning for better work conditions, but as Western University expert Johanna Weststar contends, there are many ways workers can express displeasure and exert power beyond resigning from their jobs.

Weststar is available for comment and says finding better employment has always been a popular choice for dissatisfied workers, but other trends are emerging as well.

“I have no doubt that the pandemic has prompted a lot of people to reflect on their life circumstances and decide that they should try to make a move, but we are also seeing a rise in collective worker activism during this time. This is where workers are trying to make change at their workplaces or in the sectors where they wish to stay,” said Weststar, associate professor in the Faculty of Social Science’s DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies.

Weststar, who is also an adjunct professor with Psychology, specializes in labour and employment relations. Her primary area of research is the video game industry where she is interested in issues of workplace citizenship, representation and unionization, working conditions and the labour process, project management and occupational identity.

Commentary reflects the perspective and scholarly interest of Western faculty members and is not an articulation of official university policy on issues being addressed.

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