Western University experts reflect on trucker convoy and rolling blockades

Western University experts are leading two panel discussions on Friday, March 25, about the ramifications and issues brought up during the trucker convoys and rolling blockades. (https://news.westernu.ca/2022/03/trucker-protest-forum/)

The following experts are among the panelists and are available to speak to the media on topics such as supply chain issues, electoral reactions and media coverage.

Gal Raz

Associate Professor, Ivey School of Business, Operations Management & Sustainability

Areas of Expertise: Supply chain and trade with relation to the convoy, supply-chain management and sustainable operations.

Laura Stephenson

Professor, Department of Political Science

Areas of Expertise: Attitudes of Canadians during the protests, and a possible shift in the dimensions of political debate, political behaviour, both Canadian and comparative.

Tom Streeter

Professor, Faculty of Information & Media Studies

Areas of Expertise: Media coverage of the convoy, cultural beliefs in shaping things like institutions, property, legal regulation and technology.

Commentary reflects the perspective and scholarly interest of Western faculty members and is not an articulation of official university policy on issues being addressed.

MEDIA CONTACT: Justin Zadorsky, Media Relations Officer, Western University, 226.377.1673 (mobile), jzadorsk@uwo.ca.