Western experts available to explain commotio cordis following NFL player’s injury

Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills remains in critical condition, after experiencing cardiac arrest following a hit during a game Monday night. There is speculation that the impact to his chest may have triggered a cardiac episode called commotio cordis.

The following Western experts have published research on commotio cordis and are available to speak to media:

Grant James Dickey

PhD candidate, Biomedical Engineering

Areas of Expertise: Commotio cordis, impact related injuries, vulnerable impact locations on the human body, commotio cordis injury metrics.

His master’s research was focused on developing new commotio cordis injury metrics to create a more accurate prediction for chest protector effectiveness. His work also analyzed injury metrics used by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment.

Haojie Mao

Canada Research Chair in Head Mechanics; assistant professor, Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Areas of Expertise: Impact and injury, biomedical engineering, applying mechanics and engineering principles to improve mechanical structures to prevent injury and improve safety.

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