Experts available to speak on the impacts of wildfires in Canada

Wildfire season in Canada began early and has been catastrophic with roughly 80 wildfires burning in Alberta, 24 of which are deemed out of control. Western University has the following experts available to media to comment on the impact of wildfires.

David Goldblum
Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Environment

Areas of expertise: Impacts of wildfires on forests, grasslands and woodland plant communities.

Paul Kovacs
Executive Director of the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction

Areas of expertise: Wildfire resilient construction, disaster safety and economic policy, disaster resilience and adaptation.

Katrina Moser
Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Geography and Environment

Areas of expertise: Role of climate change and wildfires, drought, climate warming impact on water resources, environmental change in the Canadian Rockies.

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