Media Releases Archives: June 2023

Vision allows brain to make predictions well before it knows what’s coming

June 27, 2023

A Western study shows how a baseball player might predict ball movement in real-time by processing information available to him with his eyes while it is moving at 150 kilometres (90+ miles) per hour.

Western researchers part of Webb carbon molecule discovery

June 26, 2023

International team of scientists have used data collected by the James Webb Space Telescope to detect for the first time ever a molecule known as methyl cation (CH3+), located in the protoplanetary disc surrounding a young star.

Experts available on Toronto’s mayoral election

June 22, 2023

On Monday voters will decide who will be the next mayor of Toronto. Western University has the following experts available…

Experts available on federal byelections, the Safe Third Country Agreement, strong mayor powers and wildfires

June 19, 2023

Western University experts available to comment on federal byelections, the Safe Third Country Agreement, strong mayor powers and wildfires. Federal…

Probiotics positively influence honeybee health, Western research finds

June 14, 2023

A collaborative research team is studying how changing honeybee gut microbiota contributes to hive health and influences social behaviour.

How charges against Donald Trump may impact the 2024 election

June 14, 2023

After Donald Trump was arraigned on federal charges related to his alleged handling of top-secret government documents, the former U.S….

Researcher’s new online hub charts route to chronic disease management

June 14, 2023

The peer-to-peer activity hub provides tailored ‘movement hacks’ for those managing chronic health conditions

New 3D-printed, open-source walker breaks borders for life-long mobility

June 8, 2023

Innovation allows people to manufacture their own customizable mobility device, which costs significantly less than commercial model

Experts available to speak on the impacts of wildfires on health, climate and ecology

June 7, 2023

As Canada continues to deal with hundreds of wildfires, smoke is blanketing a large area of North America. Western University…

Experts available to speak to the Bank of Canada’s interest rate announcement

June 6, 2023

The Bank of Canada is making its latest interest rate announcement tomorrow amid speculation that a rate increase is possible….