Experts available to comment on topics related to the earthquake in Morocco

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Morocco, Western University has the following experts available to provide insight and context on a range of topics including the history of Morocco, earthquake risk management and earthquake engineering.

History of Morocco

Maya Shatzmiller
Professor, Department of History

Areas of expertise: Specialist of Moroccan history and the historic region of Marrakech. Author of From Berber State to Moroccan Empire: The Glory of Fez Under the Marinids.

Earthquakes and seismology

Katsu Goda

Associate Professor, Department of Earth Sciences and Canada Research Chair in Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment

Areas of expertise: Catastrophic earthquake risk management from economic and societal viewpoints, engineering seismology, earthquake engineering.

Robert Shcherbakov

Associate Professor, Department of Earth Sciences

Areas of expertise: Earthquake physics and statistics, temporal and spatial scaling properties of earthquakes and aftershocks, induced seismicity, earthquake hazard assessment and forecasting.

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