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Western University experts are available to comment on Taylor Swift and celebrity deep-fakes, foreign interference in elections, and wildfires in Columbia.

Taylor Swift and Celebrity Deep-fakes
After explicit AI images of Taylor Swift were posted on X, there has been a renewed conversation on the impacts of tech-facilitated sexual violence.

Kaitlynn Mendes
Associate Professor, Sociology; Canada Research Chair in Inequality and Gender

Areas of expertise: AI and online harms, tech-facilitated violence, use of AI in harassment and bullying of youth, youth online violence.

Foreign Interference Inquiry
An independent inquiry into foreign electoral interference had its first public hearings Monday.

Laura Stephenson
Professor, Political Science

Areas of expertise: Foreign interference, political behaviour, shift in the dimensions of political debate, voter attitudes and public opinion, electoral engagement with politics.

Wildfires in Colombia
Colombia is traditionally a wet nation but is now facing the threat of wildfires during the hottest January in decades.

Katrina Moser
Associate Professor, Chair, Geography and Environment

Areas of expertise: Role of climate change and extreme heat, wildfires, drought, climate warming impact on water resources.

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