Experts available to comment on national pharmacare bill

Experts available on topics related to the announced national pharmacare bill

 February 29, 2024

 February 29, 2024

Western University has the following experts available to media on topics related to today’s announcement regarding the national pharmacare bill:

Lauren E. Cipriano
Associate Professor, Ivey School of Business; Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry; Canada Research Chair in Healthcare Analytics, Management, and Policy

Areas of expertise: Prescription drug pricing and value, health policy evaluation, health economics, health care cost-effectiveness analysis, technology adoption.

Kate Choi

Associate Professor, Sociology; Director, Centre for Research on Social Inequality

Areas of expertise: Social demography, family sociology, contraceptive access, immigrant and refugee fertility, social inequality, racial and socioeconomic disparities.

Dr. Michael Rieder

Professor, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

Areas of expertise: Paediatric clinical pharmacology, drug efficacy and safety, mechanisms of drug hypersensitivity.

Sisira Sarma
Professor, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

Areas of expertise: Cost burden on patients, theoretical and empirical insights about co-payment, economics of primary health care, health policy and economics.

Jacob Shelley
Associate Professor, Health Studies, Law; Co-Director, Health Ethics, Law & Policy Lab

Areas of expertise: Health law and policy, ethics of national pharmacare program, ethics of prescription drug access.


Justin Zadorsky, Media Relations Officer, Western University, 226.377.1673 (mobile),

Cynthia Fazio, Media Relations Officer, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, 226.376.4924 (mobile),

Ivan Langrish, Associate Director, Media Strategy Marketing and Communications, Ivey School of Business, 416-203-0664 (office), 416-427-6337 (mobile),


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