U.S. presidential election: Expert available ahead of Super Tuesday

Western expert available to explain Super Tuesday's important in the U.S. Presidential Election

 March 04, 2024

 March 04, 2024

The process to pick the nominees for the U.S. presidential election began in January with the first state primaries.

Tuesday March 5th, known as Super Tuesday, will likely be the most consequential day so far for front-runners President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump with sixteen states holding their presidential primaries.

Matthew Lebo, a Western University expert in American politics, is available to media to explain the significance of Super Tuesday.

Lebo says most eyes will be on the race between Donald Trump and Nikki Haley to see if the former can shore up the support of the Republican Party.

“Donald Trump seems likely to pile up his delegate lead over Nikki Haley and continue his path towards the Republican nomination,” said Lebo, chair of the department of political science at Western.

Lebo also said it’s difficult to compare this race with past elections.

“If Trump were the sitting president, then experiencing a challenge as strong as Haley’s would be considered serious trouble. You could liken it to Ronald Reagan’s challenge to Gerald Ford in 1976,” said Lebo whose research focuses on national level politics in the U.S., political parties in Congress, the presidency and elections.

Read more here from Lebo about  the primary process in U.S. presidential elections.

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