Western experts available on the Federal Budget

Experts are available on a range of topics for the 2024 Federal Budget

 April 11, 2024

 April 11, 2024

The Federal Budget is set to be released on April 16. Western University experts are available to speak to media on a variety of topics including housing, national school food program, AI spending, national dental care program and budget development.

Finance and Budgets

Mahmood Nanji
Lawrence Centre Policy Fellow, Ivey School of Business

Areas of expertise: Budgets and policy, development of budgets, tax administration; former Associate Deputy Minister at Ontario’s Ministry of Finance.

Political Science

Laura Stephenson
Professor, Political Science

Areas of expertise: Political behaviour, shift in the dimensions of political debate, foreign interference, voter attitudes and public opinion, electoral engagement with politics.

Health-care spending

Lauren E. Cipriano
Associate Professor, Ivey Business School and Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

Areas of expertise: Health policy evaluation, health economics, health-care cost effectiveness analysis, pharmacare plan; Canada Research Chair in Healthcare Analytics, Management, and Policy.


Mike Moffatt
Assistant Professor, Ivey Business School

Areas of expertise: Interest rates, housing markets and affordable housing, political risk, innovation policy.

Federal Investments in AI

Mark Daley
Chief AI Officer; Professor, Computer Science

Areas of expertise: Large language models in AI, implications of AI across organizations and industry.

Yalda Mohsenzadeh
Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Areas of expertise: Artificial intelligence, bridging the gap between AI and human intelligence, deep neural networks, behaviour and computational modelling.

Joanna Redden
Associate Professor, Faculty of Information & Media Studies

Areas of expertise: Artificial intelligence and datafication, government use of AI, political implications of AI, data harms.

National School Food and Nutrition Program

Jason Gilliland
Professor, Health Studies, Geography and Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

Areas of expertise: School food programs, children and nutrition, public health, children’s environments.

Peggy O’Neil
Assistant Professor, Brescia University College

Areas of expertise: School nutrition programs, national food and nutrition programs, housing and homelessness.

Sisira Sarma
Professor, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

Areas of expertise: School nutrition policy and diet quality, health inequality, health policy, economics of the social and environmental determinants of health.

Jamie Seabrook
Professor, Brescia University College

Areas of expertise: Social determinants of health disparities, maternal and infant health, maternal and child nutrition.

National Dental Program

Dr. Noha Gomaa
Assistant Professor, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

Areas of expertise: Population oral health, social determinants of health and dental care for children from low-income families.

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