Expert availability: Destroyed Group of Seven Murals, CBSA strike, capital gains tax

Western University experts are available to discuss the loss of Group of Seven murals, the potential CBSA strike and capital gains tax changes

 June 10, 2024
St. Anne's Anglican Church

 June 10, 2024

Group of Seven murals

A fire at a historic church in Toronto destroyed a series of Group of Seven murals.

Sarah Bassnett
Professor, Visual Arts

Areas of expertise: Art history, visual art, photography and photo-based contemporary art.

CBSA strike

A potential strike from Canadian Border Service Agency members could have profound impacts to supply chains.

Fraser Johnson

Professor, Ivey Business School; Leenders Supply Chain Management Association Chair

Areas of expertise: Impact of a CBSA strike on supply chains, supply chains and food prices, international trade.

Capital gains tax

Changes to the capital gains tax are set to be introduced Monday, June 10.

Mahmood Nanji

Lawrence Centre Policy Fellow, Ivey Business School; former Associate Deputy Minister at Ontario’s Ministry of Finance

Areas of expertise: Development of tax policy, tax administration, development of budgets.


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