About Us

Western’s Media Relations team is responsible for telling Western’s story to the world.

We help the Western community share its research, scholarship, teaching excellence, initiatives and community successes with a broad audience. We also act as a point of contact for members of the news media to connect with the people and stories that personify excellence at Western. As a result, Western can be found in news coverage around the world.

For Media

We proactively share Western’s stories and expertise on a local, national and international stage through news releases and other communications and arrange interviews with faculty, staff and students across Western’s campus. We also assist media on regular basis in sourcing captivating photos and video for their stories.

Find an Expert

We help the news media connect with Western academics and other experts to gain insight, context and further understanding of the day’s news for their audiences.

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For the Western Community

Sharing your Story

We are constantly looking for stories from the Western community and working to engage media in sharing those stories through print, broadcast and digital outlets. If you have a story, research, opinion or expertise you’d like to share with the media, Western’s Media Relations team can help you write news releases, editorial pieces, prepare video and photos and then share them with the media in the most compelling way.

Interview Preparedness

We can also provide interview tips and training to help you refine your story for a general audience and strategically engage with the media.

Communications Planning

The Media Relations team also plans and manages communications for various audiences to keep them informed about University initiatives, institutional issues and matters of reputational importance.

Community Relations

We help bring Western together with the community by sharing timely information about Western’s programs, services, news and developments and by working with various organizations to facilitate positive relations between Western, its neighbors and the London and area community.

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