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Western to host observatory viewing for rare eclipsed Supermoon Sunday

September 25, 2015

The Moon will move completely into the Earth’s shadow – a spectacle known as a total lunar eclipse – this…

Western University experts available for comment on back-to-school anxiety

August 31, 2015

Back-to-school stress affects thousands of students and parents each year. With only one week of summer remaining and school bells across the region about to signal the start of another school year, anxiety levels among some students and parents are once again on the rise.

Western political experts available to speak about federal election

August 4, 2015

With the campaign for the 42nd Canadian federal election underway, the following political experts from Western University are available to…

Western expert available for comment on state of Ontario’s public school system

May 19, 2015

With Ontario public elementary school teachers preparing for province-wide job action on Monday, and continued opposition among some groups of…

Flooding expert available to speak with media

March 28, 2013

Western University’s water resources management expert Slobodan Simonovic is available to speak with media.

Western experts available to comment on ISU World Figure Skating Championships

February 20, 2013

Western University has experts available from a wide range of academic disciplines.

Western University meteor expert to speak about Earth-shattering Russian event

February 15, 2013

Western University astronomy professor Margaret Campbell-Brown is available to speak with media about the meteor that exploded over Russia.