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Migratory songbirds change breathing pattern to fly at high altitude

September 6, 2023

New AFAR study investigates how some songbirds adjust their bodies to inhale and distribute oxygen to blood vessels and flight muscles during migratory seasons.

Experts available to speak on wildfires in Hawaii and Canada

August 16, 2023

Wildfires in Hawaii and along the Alberta-Northwest Territories boundary have caused devastating destruction to communities. Western University has the following…

Perseid meteor shower to peak with stunning display on Saturday evening

August 9, 2023

Western has launched a new meteor activity website that can help determine how strong the Perseids will be on any given night.

Western researchers capture stunning images of Ring Nebula with James Webb Space Telescope

August 3, 2023

James Webb Space Telescope recorded stunning new images of the iconic Ring Nebula.

Vision allows brain to make predictions well before it knows what’s coming

June 27, 2023

A Western study shows how a baseball player might predict ball movement in real-time by processing information available to him with his eyes while it is moving at 150 kilometres (90+ miles) per hour.

Western researchers part of Webb carbon molecule discovery

June 26, 2023

International team of scientists have used data collected by the James Webb Space Telescope to detect for the first time ever a molecule known as methyl cation (CH3+), located in the protoplanetary disc surrounding a young star.

Experts available to speak to the Bank of Canada’s interest rate announcement

June 6, 2023

The Bank of Canada is making its latest interest rate announcement tomorrow amid speculation that a rate increase is possible….

‘Unexpected’ space traveller defies long-held theories about origin of Solar System

December 12, 2022

Western-led team confirms meteoroid from edge of Solar System made of rock, not ice, challenging long-held beliefs about how the Solar System was formed.

Fireball may have dropped meteorites in Niagara region

November 21, 2022

A cosmic drama unfolded over southern Ontario on the night of Friday, Nov. 18, triggering an international collaboration and a meteorite hunt.

Western planetary geologist to lead science for Canada’s lunar rover

November 14, 2022

Canadensys Aerospace will design and build Canada’s first lunar rover and Western planetary geologist Gordon “Oz” Osinski will serve as principal investigator and scientific lead.