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Western students receive high marks at The Undergraduate Awards

September 23, 2015

Emma Rose Bonanno and 26 Western University colleagues were named among the international winners of The Undergraduate Awards, a worldwide…

New Western study reveals exercise further combats cigarette cravings

March 31, 2015

In a new Western study, participants that satisfied cravings using only nicotine lozenges reduced their cravings by 30 per cent while participants that combined nicotine lozenges with exercise reduced cravings by 45 per cent.

Western researchers confirm pine bark extract could reduce cataract risk

April 24, 2013

A research team from Western University has found that an over-the-counter pill boasting the antioxidants may reduce risk of cataracts – the clouding of the normally clear lens of an eye – when delivered through the correct method.

Western experts available to comment on ISU World Figure Skating Championships

February 20, 2013

Western University has experts available from a wide range of academic disciplines.