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Western to host observatory viewing for rare eclipsed Supermoon Sunday

September 25, 2015

The Moon will move completely into the Earth’s shadow – a spectacle known as a total lunar eclipse – this…

Western collaborative study shows future Athabasca River flows may not sustain water demands for Alberta oil sands

September 23, 2015

The Alberta oil sands, the world’s third-largest crude oil reserve, require fresh water from the Athabasca River – lots of…

Western students receive high marks at The Undergraduate Awards

September 23, 2015

Emma Rose Bonanno and 26 Western University colleagues were named among the international winners of The Undergraduate Awards, a worldwide…

The Royal Society of Canada welcomes five Western faculty members to The College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists

September 22, 2015

The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) named five Western University faculty members as part of the incoming cohort of The…

International study shows ‘less happy’ new parents end up having smaller families

August 6, 2015

A new study by Western University and the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR) shows couples who feel ‘less happy’ in the year following the birth of their first child, have a lower probability of having another. The trend is especially strong for mothers and fathers who are well educated and older.

Western political experts available to speak about federal election

August 4, 2015

With the campaign for the 42nd Canadian federal election underway, the following political experts from Western University are available to…

New program at Western developing specialized magnetic resonance imaging systems receives CFI funding

July 29, 2015

Most hospitals house a centrally located, multi-use, full-body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner used to diagnose various ailments – from knee injuries, to cancer, to traumatic brain injury.

Western University historian explores past and present of 83-year old Ottawa murder trial

June 8, 2015

A new book by acclaimed Western University historian Monda Halpern explores a sensational 83-year old murder trial in Ottawa.

Western’s Accounting Programs receive CPA accreditation

April 2, 2015

Western University’s new Graduate Diploma in Accounting, in combination with the prerequisite accounting streams in Western’s BMOS undergraduate program, has…

Western’s CIBC Centre examines growing concern over student loans

May 16, 2013

A growing concern for graduating students around the world is how they will repay student loans, which have accumulated over the course of their studies.