Flooding expert available to speak with media

With the Manitoba government announcing that the risk of flooding in the province has increased to moderate/major from minor/moderate in the past 48 hours, Western University’s water resources management expert Slobodan Simonovic is available to speak with media.
Simonovic is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Western and the Director of Engineering Studies at the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction. His latest book, Floods in a Changing Climate – Risk Management is available now from Cambridge University Press.

“Updated flood forecasts in the United States and Canada illustrate the seriousness of the situation in the Red River basin,” explains Simonovic. “A very significant amount of snow, approximately 200 per cent above normal, may cause trouble for the residents of the Red River Valley and some parts of Winnipeg. The coming weeks will be of importance for the speed with which the snow melts and that will directly tie-in to the flood hazard.

Simonovic can be reached directly at simonovic@uwo.ca

To arrange a phone interview, contact Jeff Renaud, Senior Media Relations Officer, 519-520-7281, jrenaud9@uwo.ca, @jeffrenaud99