Western in the News Archive: 2016

Paralympic runners amaze fans with times besting Olympians

September 13, 2016 via Toronto Star

US Paralympic team – should do better?

September 10, 2016 via BBC

‘A lot of kids’ needs are not being met’: Lots of labels, lack of resources for students with special needs

September 8, 2016 via CBC

Ottawa unveils research fund winners

September 7, 2016 via The Globe and Mail

Western scientists’ $66M win goes to their heads

September 7, 2016 via London Free Press

Why Scientists Are Playing Nursery Rhymes for Babies While Scanning Their Brains

September 7, 2016 via Motherboard

Rates of shelter use higher for indigenous people, study shows

August 30, 2016 via The Globe and Mail

Study finds that massive, prehistoric bears may have gone extinct because they were vegan

August 29, 2016 via National Post

Federal strategy on veterans homelessness to call for housing subsidies

August 28, 2016 via The Globe and Mail

Creating inclusive classrooms is a complicated, nuanced process

August 26, 2016 via The Globe and Mail

Stephen Harper, Former Prime Minister of Canada, Quits Politics

August 26, 2016 via The New York Times

Western University students refurbishing tombstones

August 23, 2016 via CBC

Southwestern Ontarians do talk differently

August 22, 2016 via London Free Press

Vagrant Birds May Portend Species Distribution in Climate-Changed World

August 19, 2016 via Scientific American

Ocean Slime Spreading Quickly Across the Earth

August 19, 2016 via National Geographic