Western in the News Archive: 2017

Trump says Canada’s been ‘very rough’ on the U.S. Is he right?

April 25, 2017 via Washington Post

A major earthquake could hit Ottawa. Are we prepared?

April 24, 2017 via Ottawa Citizen

Marijuana researchers face red tape as legalization looms: Western prof

April 13, 2017 via Global News

Retrograde ‘Trojan in Retreat’ asteroid is one-in-a-million

April 12, 2017 via The Weather Network

As legal weed looms, barriers to research still standing

April 9, 2017 via Toronto Star

The Battle of Hill 70: Canada’s forgotten Vimy Ridge

April 8, 2017 via Global News

How jelly beans made a Canadian man deathly ill, and highlighted the dangers of licorice

April 4, 2017 via National Post

Backwards asteroid shares an orbit with Jupiter without crashing

March 30, 2017 via New Scientist

‘Rogue’ asteroid goes round the Sun and Jupiter the wrong way

March 30, 2017 via International Business Times (UK)

The secret to securing local support for wind energy? Money and power

March 28, 2017 via TVO's The Next Ontario

I’ve been using Donald Trump’s hair loss treatment for years – here is the truth about its side effects

March 24, 2017 via The Telegraph

Hair Loss Drugs Linked To Depression And Erectile Dysfunction

March 23, 2017 via The Huffington Post

Randall: Judges need more education about sexual assault

March 22, 2017 via Ottawa Citizen

Study shows the power of entrepreneurship training programs for women, minorities

March 17, 2017 via The Globe and Mail

Canadian mathematicians create Sims-like program to save bees

March 17, 2017 via Metro News