Experts available: LCBO Strike, European elections, summer activity levels, weight loss drugs, heat wave impacts

Western University experts are available to media on the LCBO strike, French and U.K. elections, children’s summer activity levels and the effectiveness of weight loss drugs

 July 08, 2024

 July 08, 2024

LCBO Strike
One of the issues the union is raising is  the expansion of access to alcohol beyond LCBO stores.

Jacob Shelley
Associate Professor, Health Studies, Law

Areas of expertise: Harms of expanding access to alcohol, health impacts of alcohol, alcohol policies and public health, duty of governments to warn consumers of health impacts.

French and U.K. Elections
Recent elections in France and the U.K. could greatly impact the direction of European politics.

Bruce Morrison
Assistant Professor, Political Science

Areas of expertise: Western European politics, transnational democracy, social movements, and political corruption.

Children’s activity levels in summer
Research shows activity levels drop during the summer.

Trish Tucker
Professor, Health Studies

Areas of expertise: Childhood activity levels, importance of outdoor play, childhood health, school and childcare settings for activity.

Expert explainer: How to keep children active over summer break

Ozempic and Wegovy
What are the effects and effectiveness of diabetes and weight loss drugs?

Dr. Stewart Harris
Professor, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

Areas of expertise: Treatment of diabetes, diabetes and weight loss, and diabetes care in marginalized populations.

Heat and vulnerable populations
What are the various health impacts of extreme heat?

Dr. Anna Gunz
Associate Professor, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

Areas of expertise: Health effects of extreme heat, paediatric health and heat, health monitoring of climate change, climate change as a health crisis.



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